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2019 has seen Faouzia rack up millions of streams on her hits Born Without A Heart, You Don’t Even Know Me and Heart Of Gold. With profound lyrics and an undeniable voice, the nineteen-year-old is stepping up to the microphone and taking the world by storm.

Get ahead of the curve, hit play on her music below and then scroll down for eight facts to introduce you to the fascinating woman behind the big voice.

1. Faouzia was born in Casablanca, Morocco

Faouzia Ouihya was born on 5 July 2000 in Morocco’s beautiful Casablanca. A year after her birth her family immigrated to North America but her Arabic roots are never far from her heart (or her music).

“There’s an Arabic tinge to the pop music I write that naturally comes out of growing up on a blend of genres,” she explains. “The message is the main ingredient; then I like to have catchy pop melodies with a flare of Arabic vocals or other musical elements.”

2. She speaks Arabic, French and English fluently

Faouzia has languages down pat. Growing up trilingual, the emerging talent has a fluent grip on Arabic, French and English.

3. She grew up in rural Canada

Born in Morocco, Faouzia’s family moved to Montreal when she was one, before her family eventually settled in Carman, Manitoba.

Carman is a small agricultural town with a population of roughly 3000 people!

4. Faouzia featured on David Guetta’s song Battle

She really got on the international radar after scoring an impressive feature on Guetta’s latest studio album 7.

In recent interviews, Guetta himself has sung praises about Faouzia's great voice, powerful vibrato, and unique style.

5. She started playing piano at age 6

Faouzia first hit the keys at the ages of six, beginning her eleven year journey in classical training. Along the way she also picked up the guitar and violin. Phew!

On her musical background Faouzia admit; “Classical piano played one of the biggest roles in my career, because it taught me dedication and hard work.”

6. Her inspirations range from Chopin to Beyonce

Beyond studying Chopin, Bach, and Mozart, she experienced Arabic artists such as Umm Kulthum and Fairuz alongside her parents in addition to obsessing over Beyoncé, Rihanna, Sia, Adele, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, and Ariana Grande.

No wonder her sound is so unique and flavoursome!

7. She studied computer engineering

Faouzia’s talents don’t stop at music. Last year she also enrolled in the University of Manitoba, majoring in computer engineering and deftly balancing her career and course of study.

Geddit girl!

8. She started building traction on YouTube

Like so many new artists from her generation, Faouzia has YouTube to thank for her initial pick up. She started posting her songs and covers on the video sharing site which led to her being noticed by labels and fans alike.   

9. She’s 5”2 and proud of it

Faouzia is well aware of her small frame and contrastingly enormous voice.  

“It’s always funny to see people’s reactions when I start singing,” she smiles, “I’m glad I’ve got this oxymoron combination of a big voice and a little body. I always push myself because of it. When I was growing up, I often felt as if I wasn’t being listened to—like a ghost. Then, I would sing, and everybody would stop and listen. Now, I’ve got a message I want everyone to listen to.”

We're certainly listening now Faouzia.  Stream her latest single Tears Of Gold below.



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