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Ava Max is on the cusp of superstardom.  

Her break-through single Sweet But Psycho is on a crusade, climbing charts across the world.  

While little is known about the 24-year-old pop star, ALL has been revealed on her hit single. 

The Albanian/American powerhouse sat down with Genius to explain the meaning behind her Sweet But Psycho lyrics and GAH DAMN, she goes deep.  

"I'm really reclaiming the word psycho. The chorus mocks, almost, the girl."

"She feels psycho but she's not. It's like she's been gaslighted in this situation."

"I think it's okay to show all of your sides and not get judged. And in a relationship especially. For this instance, it was a girl who was misunderstood, when really she was strong and independent and outspoken."

"She's being called psycho, but she's being herself and she's being vulnerable. The guy's kinda mocking her. she's kinda feeling psycho because of the guy in the relationship. She's not psycho. I'm not at all calling women psycho. Ever since we were little we've been told how to think, how to dress, how to act and I don't think that's okay." 

Ava revealed the protagonist of her song is really too good for a guy who can't handle her strength. 

"The woman being so fierce and amazing... I don't think a lot of guys can handle that."

"I believe that women are the strongest creatures on earth."

Amen to that sister. 

"Don't let anyone hold you back, be who you are." 


also asked Ava about her musical influences. She came back swinging with more girl power.  

"There are so many women in the industry that are so strong and talented and have been through so much. So for me, it's about the women who've been through the obstacles and came out stronger." 

"Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Britney, Christina, Whitney, Mariah... I mean they're so talented and they're voices... You couldn't not cry when you heard them sing." 

Also, bonus fun fact, Ava makes a mean chicken fajita. 



Big ups to Ava's incredible acapella singing with Genius.

Here's hoping we get her over on our shores soon. 

Watch Ava herself explaining (and singing) Sweet But Psycho below.

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