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Lizzo arrived in New Zealand yesterday and we wanted to celebrate! After all, if Lizzo's shining, everybody's gonna shine.

A private showcase went down at The Tuning Fork where the queen herself performed four of her hits from 2019's Cuz I Love You - which recently went gold here in New Zealand.

Lizzo opened with her platinum single Good As Hell, bringing buckets of energy. She was joined on stage by her DJ Sophia Eris and The Big Girls dance crew who busted out some serious booty-shaking moves.

While small, the crowd was hella hyped.    

"Do my hair toss, check my nails, baby how you feelin'?"
"Feeling GOOD AS HELL."

Lizzo also performed the beautiful ballad Cuz I Love You, flexing her earth-shattering ability to reach (AND HOLD) unbelievably high notes. Up next was her double-platinum hit Truth Hurts where she donned the wedding veil and blessed the audience with a flute solo.

Lizzo was on fire with her crowd interaction, pulling off one heck of the most impressive Kiwi accent. She confessed to being a big Flight of the Conchords fan, and hilariously called out a tall man in the back with a meaty moustache for his lack of twerking.

"Say wassup b....", she instructed, to which the moustached man happily obliged with a thick Kiwi twang. Needless to say, Lizzo was pleased. 

"Now that's how you Juice a Kiwi,"

Grooving into her last song of the night - the euphoric Juice - Lizzo even gave the crowd a "YA-YA-EE" singing lesson, getting everyone singing along.

Lizzo is an unmissable live experience. The Juice is definitely worth the squeeze!  

You can check out all the photos from last night below. Warning: Will likely cause FOMO.  

Video footage to come! 



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